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Luke Griffiths

Luke was one of our learners who passed his course with us recently and has been offered an apprenticeship with Ignition and is supporting our Tutors and the younger learners.

Some weeks ago we had a call from the Jobcentre and lukes adviser asked What is Luke getting out of the course? Why I asked, she said because if he's getting nothing from it I will have to take him off the course.  

Well I said, his confidence has imprroved, he has gained 6bmonths work experience in a real work setting, he's hained customer service experience, he's gained skills far in advance of the course he's taking and he's about to complete his accredited qualification for skills in the motor industry to add to his CV.

He's been working in a team handing his knowlegde to other learners.  He's been recommended to other garages as a great potential apprentice and he's left his old life behind.

Luke has now been offered an apprenticeship with us and is working towards his master technician qualification.

Hard work and dedication bring their own rewards!