The Team

The Ignition Family

Core Staff


Dave Brazer - Managing Director Founder of Citadel Associates (SY) Ltd Ignition's parent company and Ignition Auto's.

Dave has worked in the Third Sector for over 16 years as an Employment Advisor, Senior Advisor, Tutor, Project Manager, Operational Manager for Yes2work. He has also been a Private Investigator and Hypnotherapist. More recently he has acted as a Business Development Consultant and is the Founder and Managing Director of Citadel Associates (SY) Ltd and Ignition Autos Community Garage. David has supported a number of organisations with project development including Fair Chance, a disability support programme, New Deal, and RED (Recycled Equipment for Disabled People.


David has won Entrepreneur of the year award, BMBC Small Business Learner Champion Ambassador DFP Pride Award and the Vodafone World of Difference Award. He was also recently nominated for Social Entrepreneur Award and Redemption Justice Innovation Award.


Ezra Durand - Workshop Manager & Tutor

Ezra has a long history in Mechanical Engineering and Motor Vehicle Mechanic. He is fully qualified in all aspects of motor vehicle repair and maintenance and has worked for Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and now Ignition.


Ezra has also worked in the Third Sector as Senior Employment Advisor, Employer Liaison Officer and Employability skills Tutor. He is a motivational tutor and is well respected by his peers and learners.




Janette Haddon


Jan has worked within the NHS for several years for a number of NHS Trusts across multiple disciplines. She has more recently worked in the third sector for Citadel Associates as a consultant on programs such as Key Worker support, First Chance Learning Disabled support and key programs for the NHS, Jobcentre-plus and Sector Solutions