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Motor Vehicle repair and Motorcycle Maintenance Training at Ignition is delivered in a fun and interactive way with a ‘hands on’ approach to learning.  Not merely focussing on 'mechanics' but the skills, qualities and attitude needed to move into any working environment.

Some people just don’t do well in a traditional school/college learning environment however they do respond well when faced with interesting hands on tasks.  Ignition is a fusion between college and workplace environment and focusses on skills which are transferrable to other areas of employment.  If you would like to try something different and show a potential employer that you can do something positive, call Ignition. 

The Centre gives people confidence, they make friends and learn to work in a team environment, they learn timekeeping, health & Safety and use of tools and they pass on their skills to others.  They learn how to apply for and interview for jobs and employers find  people who have gone through the process and learned these skills and qualities needed in work. 


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